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Company Profile
Base: Infrastructure for Performance Business

PIRIT provides all the necessary conditions for implementing and developing computer equipment supplies for the Russian market. The company's infrastructure for business includes offices and warehouses in Russia, Western Europe and Taiwan, official affairs with leading world manufactures, dealers' network and corporate clientele, high-educated personnel.

Offices and warehouses

PIRIT operates through offices in Russia (Moscow and Saint-Petersburg), Ukraine (Kiev) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam).

Distribution office in Moscow

PIRIT's head office located in Moscow is responsible for general business management and office network coordination.

PIRIT's distribution department  in Moscow (distribution office and 2 warehouses) serves Moscow region clients as well as majority of Russia's regions and some NIS countries through extended dealers' network.

PIRIT's branch in Saint-Petersburg (office and 2 warehouses) works primarily with IT-companies and corporate clients of North-West region.

Kiev branch (2 offices) serves Ukrainian IT-companies and carries out document scanners and power supplies distribution in Ukraine.

Representative office and consolidate warehouse in the Netherlands is responsible for interaction with providers and logistics matters.

Representative office in Taiwan is responsible for contacts with Taiwan's vendors.


PIRIT is an official distribution partner of ASUS, Canon, Cooler Master, Fujitsu, Kodak, Plextor, Toshiba, Zalman.


IT-holding PIRIT is an effective, growing business with stable finance figures.

The company grows faster than the Russian market. The sales volume comprises 75% of distribution and 25% of the corporate department. Moscow-based offices covering Moscow and most regions account for the main part of the sales volume. Moscow is still the biggest computer consumer, but the regional market is growing faster. Today, the distribution ratio between Moscow and regions is 55 to 45 per cent.


A dealers’ network of distribution department consists of more than 600 companies of all Russian regions (from West-edge Kaliningrad to East-edge Vladivostok) and also a number of large-scale Russian computer manufacturers and integrators.

The corporate department general sales clientele includes SMB (Small and Medium Business) as well as large-scale companies and organizations. The clientele of document scanners direction includes mainly large-scale companies and organizations.

Among our customers are administrative bodies (Presidential Administration, Federation Council, State Duma) and such large-scale organizations as ministries, banks, insurance companies, major industrial enterprises, universities.